About us

Lab Marketplace GmbH is more than just a platform for laboratory equipment. Our vision is a future that creates economic opportunities for all. Through Lab Marketplace GmbH we open up new and cost-effective opportunities for our customers in high quality. We are partners and never competitors of our suppliers. In order to create even closer connections between customers and Lab Marketplace GmbH, we are constantly evolving. The basic idea implies the goal of connecting and creating extraordinary opportunities - in economic and financial terms. Behind Lab Marketplace GmbH is a passion for this field, which has been strengthened by many years of experience in the chemical / pharmaceutical, industrial, medical and technical fields.

The prices on our platform are comparable, the products are designed simply and clearly and provided with an extensive filter. But not only the price is crucial, but also the technical finesse of a product or needed instructions. Therefore, the interested party will find extensive technical information and pictures to get an impression which really is the best product for his needs.

Lab Marketplace GmbH is a new company founded in 2016, striving to accept every new challenge every day. Determined to master the extraordinary and make a meaningful contribution to sustainability - for our customers, suppliers, for us, for all.

We look forward to a joint and successful cooperation.

Your Lab Marketplace Team