Our services

The company Lab Marketplace does not actively provide services, but focuses exclusively on the laboratory equipment and possibly on the procurement of spare parts to the plants. However, we can offer you a wide range of services, which we can reliably carry out by our competent, established partners based in Switzerland.

We can offer you the following services, among others: 

  • Decontamination with H2O2 (plants or rooms)
  • Service at various laboratory facilities
  • Filter change at various laboratory facilities
  • Measurements on various laboratory systems from standard measurements to GMP
  • Repairs of laboratory equipment
  • Commissioning of laboratory equipment
  • Delivery of laboratory equipment
  • More complicated dismantling of laboratory equipment
  • Clean room measurements
  • Visualizations
  • Particle measurements (monitoring)
  • Microbiological tests
  • And much more

Do not hesitate to contact us with your request. We will support you and together we will find a suitable solution for your request / project. We are happy to create a suitable and non-binding offer. To get to our contact form for your request, please click here, you will be forwarded directly.

We look forward to your inquiry.

Delivery & Shipping

Basically, the customer can choose from the following four options to come into possession of the desired article:

  • The item will be delivered and assembled directly to the site by a partner of Lab Marketplace (on request also with a commissioning and / or other services)
  • The article can also be delivered by a transporter on ramp
  • The item can be picked up directly in the warehouse of Lab Marketplace
  • The item can be sent by mail (if possible)

The delivery will be communicated to the customer in advance in writing, by email or by telephone. The cost of other services such as installation / commissioning or commissioning at the customer site are not included in the purchase price. Lab Marketplace offers the customer, through its professional, independent and Swiss-based service provider and partner, to carry out the installation of the device on site.

Of course, other services listed on our homepage can be combined with a delivery. We are happy to advise you in advance and prepare a non-binding offer for you.


nformation about the warranty can be found in our AVB's.


Information about sustainability and environmental protection can be found here.

Pick-up service

Lab Marketplace will gladly pick up your still functioning system at your location and completely free of charge. Thus, you do not have to unnecessarily burden your budget for an expensive disposal and can, for example, invest it in the purchase of a new device. Furthermore, together we can do a great service to sustainability. We are interested in all sorts of equipment and utensils from the laboratory environment and are pleased about every request in this regard. You are welcome to send us photos, descriptions or similar via the contact form, which we would like to examine digitally and / or after an appointment on site.

The following points should be met for a free pickup:

  • The system must still be fully functional
  • The system must meet today's safety standard
  • The system must not be contaminated or similar
  • You acknowledge that the Equipment will be transferred to the Lab Marketplace after collection
  • If possible, the system should be ready for collection or dismantling without major effort

If your facility does not meet certain points, we have the opportunity to offer you various services through one of our competent and established partners (for example decontamination, disassembly, measurements and much more). Do not hesitate to check your options, together we will surely find a good and sustainable solution. We will gladly make you a non-binding offer. We would be very happy if you contacted us.

Spare Parts

We are happy to check if we can get your needed spare part. If, in one case, the manufacturer or distributor of the device no longer have spare parts available, Lab Marketplace GmbH could acquire many parts through its relationships in the past.

Please tell us via our contact form the necessary information about the required spare part (exact model, etc.).