FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

All devices are listed on our platform and can be viewed with pictures and technical data. Questions about the devices are answered daily by e-mail

All devices are technically in perfect and optically, according to the age, very good condition. This means that all devices are technically checked. The technical test by Lab Marketplace GmbH includes the functional check, if available, of: Fans (quiet running), lighting (on/off), UV lamp (on/off; timer (if available)), installed sockets (check mains voltage 230/240V), control panel (circuit, key control), front screen (move to screen position, alarm control) and possibly other special technical components depending on the device, which are not installed as standard. On the other hand, during a technical inspection by Lab Marketplace GmbH, no filters are measured/scanned, no air velocities are controlled/set, no alarm thresholds are adjusted or checked and no classifications of air purity are made. We can provide all the above-mentioned tests and settings on request by independent service managers. See the next section for more information. If individual functions should have restrictions, this is clearly mentioned in the article description. As these are used devices, it is possible that traces of use due to previous use or slight scratches or dents may be present in the outer housing. Optical traces of use do not restrict the function of the device in any way. Pictures of optical defects can be requested from us by mail.

All devices are checked and logged by an independent service provider before or after delivery, if desired. The protocols can be offered from a standard measurement to GMP documentation. The focus here is on the technical function, settings according to the manufacturer or the relevant standard, and not on the appearance of the devices. The testing or measurement of the installation includes Scanning (DEHS measurement) of the installed filters, checking the air velocities, classifying the air purity, checking the alarms, adjusting the air velocity and/or the alarm thresholds. Furthermore, it is also possible to carry out a validated microbiological decontamination with H2O2 which is documented in a protocol. It is not a general overhaul in the sense of the definition, as the devices are not repainted and parts are only replaced if they limit the faultless function. During the technical inspection, however, care is taken to ensure that the devices are also optically in the best possible condition. In some cases it may happen that due to the age of the device, the technical specifications issued by the manufacturer at the date of production can no longer be achieved. This does not necessarily mean that the device has technical defects. If you need special requirements for your device for your application, please indicate this before ordering or clarify it with one of our employees.

In principle, there is no claim to guarantee. On request, a complete inspection can be carried out by an independent service provider before or after delivery of the device. The full function of the used device is guaranteed if handled properly.

In general, you can only view devices at www.l-mp.ch. However, most of the time the devices are no longer in an operational state, as they are already prepared for transport. For this reason a visit does not make sense.

The costs for an installation and instruction at your site are not included in the purchase price. Our partners are independent service providers who can carry out the installation of the device on your premises. Please just contact us.

For repairs and maintenance you can contact Lab Marketplace GmbH. We will forward your inquiries to our competent partners.

Should the manufacturer or distributor of the device no longer have any spare parts available, Lab Marketplace GmbH could still procure many parts through its relationships in the past. You are also welcome to have the availability of spare parts clarified by one of our employees before ordering.

You have the possibility to pick up your equipment from us or to have your shipment picked up by a carrier of your choice or, if you wish, have it organized by us. The delivery takes place on a ramp. Furthermore, your device can also be delivered, installed and commissioned by our partners on request. Depending on the option, you will be charged for the additional costs. You are responsible for the information about the conditions on site. If the delivery cannot take place without problems due to incorrect information, we shall not be liable for this. Each delivery will be communicated to you in advance in writing by email.

After receipt of order, a standard delivery time of approx. 4 to 6 weeks is to be expected. If you need a used device faster, the delivery time can also be clarified individually before ordering. Our employees are at your disposal.

Devices that you can purchase from Lab Marketplace GmbH are mainly offered from Switzerland, but also from other European and in rare cases non-European countries. The equipment comes from analytical laboratories of all kinds, governmental institutions, educational institutions, other dealers, auctions, company liquidations, etc. Our staff will be happy to assist you in determining the history of the device, such as previous area of application, materials examined, etc.

Devices are offered to us for various reasons. One main reason is the purchase of a new device by the supplier of the used device. Other reasons are the closure of laboratories, companies or even individual analytical areas within a laboratory because equipment is depreciated for tax purposes, because a project is coming to an end and the equipment has no further use, because it turns out that an item of equipment does not or no longer meets the customer's requirements or, in some cases, because of hereditary factors.

We offer you that payment is made either on account within 14 days without deduction, against prepayment or cash on collection. Deliveries abroad will only be processed by advance payment or cash payment. Not accepted are credit cards of any kind, PayPal, Letters of Credit, etc.

You must order a device from Lab Marketplace GmbH in writing. You can do this either by email or by regular mail. If you have any questions about an order, our team will be happy to assist you.

Questions about our used equipment will be gladly answered by our staff. We will contact the provider or former user of the device as well as the device manufacturers for you to answer all your open questions.

Brochure documents with illustrations and technical data are available for almost all available units. The pictures on the homepage show the device for sale. The technical data and brochures do not always reflect the actual scope of delivery.

You can find the exact configuration or composition of a device in the device text. In most cases, no consumables or spare parts are supplied with the equipment. Our staff will be happy to provide you with information if you are unclear about the scope of delivery and equipment.